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Cross-stitching makes me very happy because it is a great way to relieve stress and relax. My family and I love to display our pieces in our home. This is a piece my oldest sister, Emily, recently did and it hangs in our laundry room. I do not like to fold clothes so whenever I go into the laundry room to fold clothes I always look at this cross-stitch. It

Laundry Room

serves two purposes. It firstly makes me happy to think that it is something so personal that my sister made. I think it’s fascinating that we can make pieces like this. Cross-stitches are very time consuming, but are worth it when they are completed. This cross-stitch also encourages me to fold the clothes because I don’t want to be “Naked Tomorrow”.


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A Touch of Joy

img_3753.jpgToday I went to visit my grandmother for the first time since my grandfather died. I know she has been struggling with being in her home without him after being together for so many years. I was trying to think of a way I could cheer her up. I decided I would make her a useful gift that would allow her to think of me and maybe take her mind off my grandfather. I made her this dish cloth with the letter “R” on it for our last name. She always has a dish cloth hanging on her stove and whenever she picks this one up she will think of me and the great times we have spent together. Hopefully she will also think about how much I love her.

Small Projects

Owning Your Work

Everything we read, listen to, and watch has an author or creator and cross-stitches are the same way. The person who makes the cross-stitch has the right to own his/her work. Most people who cross-stitch put their initials at the bottom to show who created that piece. I personally put my initials at the bottom of all the pieces I do to claim ownership of them. I also like to think that the pieces I do will someday be passed on to my family and they can remember who did that cross-stitch by the initials on it.


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Cross-Stitching for Mobile Devices

Like most people these days I have Facebook and I follow pages that are about things I am interested in. I follow a few pages about cross-stitching and a few days ago I saw a post about cross-stitching on smartphones. It sounded like a great idea for me because I would finally be able to cross-stitch anywhere I went without bringing all my stuff.

Cat Ctoss-StitchI decided I would give it a try and download an app called Cross-Stitch World. The first cross-stitch I did on my smartphone was a kitten and I spent 2 hours working on it before I finished it. I think this is a good place for a beginner to learn the process of how a cross-stitch is done. On the other hand, though I do not think that it is useful for people to learn how to cross stitch. The app does not help you learn how to do the different stitches or the other numerous techniques associated with cross-stitching. I enjoyed the time I spent cross-stitching on this app, but I do not think it is beneficial when learning to cross-stitch.


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Small Projects

These two projects I did mean the world to me. I made both of these for my boyfriend about a year ago. I made him the fox cross-stitch because he loves foxes so much and he wants to have one as a pet one day, I fully support this. I think foxes are amazing


animals and I would love to own one. I made the bottom one for him just to express to him how much I love him. It’s very simple and not an extravagant gift, but it shows I love him because I put the time and effort into making this for him.

Small Projects

Stitching For All Levels

When I talk to people about cross-stitching one of the first things I usually hear is that they think it will be hard to learn. This is not true if you start out doing small projects. Cat Cross StitchCompanies make cross-stitches for all different experience levels. Some of the smallest cross-stitches can be finished within a couple of hours. Also, along with every cross-stitch comes a pattern, which will tell you what box needs to be what color. The instructions will also tell you what skills you will need for this cross-stitch such as a french knot. One of my first cross-stitches I ever made was for my sister about her cat. It took me about 6 hours to make this cross-stitch. Cross-stitches can vary in difficulty but are very relaxing once the necessary skills have been developed