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Cross-Stitching with Siblings!



Claire Richard is my older sister and she has helped me tremendously with my cross-stitches. She started to cross-stitch when she was 16. Our mom and grandmother taught Claire how to cross-stitch as well as me. Claire learned certain techniques on her own from doing so many cross-stitches over the years. Claire has done about 50 different cross-stitches since she started to cross-stitch. The cross-stitches she has completed have varied in size. At first, she started with beginner level small cross-stitches and slowly worked her way up to larger more difficult cross-stitches and I am trying to do the same.

When I have questions I can always go to her and she will show me exactly how to do whatever it is I needed. I remember one time especially that Claire taught me how to make a French knot. I had never heard of this, but as soon as I went to her and asked if she knew what it was she said, “Oh yea, sit down and I’ll show you”.

Claire and I have both spent many years trying to master the skills necessary to become proficient at cross-stitching. Oddly enough cross-stitching actually started out as an activity that mostly men performed after practicing for many years to master the skill. Claire cross-stitches for fun in her spare time as a form of relaxation. Cross-stitching originally was done to decorate clothing. Very few people still do this, but there some who still make baby clothing with hand-stitched designs. Claire also does is called a counted cross-stitch which means she counts the number of squares on a paper pattern and then counts the number of squares on the fabric. This has not always been the most popular way to cross-stitch, but it is one of the most popular now.

I talked to my other sister and my mom about how they would describe Claire and her hobby. My mom, Donna Richard, said, “Claire is very dedicated to her work once she starts and she is a perfectionist”. My oldest sister, Emily Alpha, said “ Claire is a very stressed and anxious person. When she comes home from work after a long day I can really tell that she needs some time to herself and do what she likes. After she has been doing her cross-stitch in her room for a while she comes out much happier like it took the weight of the day off her shoulders”.