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A Touch of Joy

img_3753.jpgToday I went to visit my grandmother for the first time since my grandfather died. I know she has been struggling with being in her home without him after being together for so many years. I was trying to think of a way I could cheer her up. I decided I would make her a useful gift that would allow her to think of me and maybe take her mind off my grandfather. I made her this dish cloth with the letter “R” on it for our last name. She always has a dish cloth hanging on her stove and whenever she picks this one up she will think of me and the great times we have spent together. Hopefully she will also think about how much I love her.

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Religious Cross-Stitch

My grandmother and most of my family are very religious people. So when my mom saw this cross-stitch in the store she said she thought of my grandmother immediately. She bought the cross-stitch and decided she would make it for her and give it to her as a gift.


My mom made this cross-stitch in 1990 before I was born, and it has been hanging in my grandparents home ever senses. This cross-stitch has been hanging in the same place in my grandparents’ house for as long as I can remember.



IMG_0253When I first started cross stitch a couple years ago I jumped in head first. I didnt start with a huge project but it was a rather large project for my experience level. I made this cross stitch for my sister who loves to shop. Claire does not like to go to work. She would rather online shop or go to the mall. When I saw this cross stitch pattern in the store I knew I just had to get it and make it for her. I gave it to her as a present for her birthday and now it sits on her desk at work to remind her she can go shop when she gets home.

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When I go to my grandparent’s house I look forward to hearing and seeing a couple things. First I looked forward to hearing my grandpa’s say “hello hello” from the front porch. The next thing I expect to see when I walk in the door is a cross stitch hanging above the hall that says “home sweet home”. My grandma made this cross stitch in 1988. For as long as I can remember coming to her house I remember seeing it hanging in the exact same spot. I remember getting such hot and comfort from this cross stitch when I was young and I slept at my grandparent’s house. As a child, I was sleeping in a place that was not my usual place so I naturally felt a little scared. When I would get scared I would go and look at this cross stitch and I would realize I was okay. IMG_3608

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Small Projects

These two projects I did mean the world to me. I made both of these for my boyfriend about a year ago. I made him the fox cross-stitch because he loves foxes so much and he wants to have one as a pet one day, I fully support this. I think foxes are amazing


animals and I would love to own one. I made the bottom one for him just to express to him how much I love him. It’s very simple and not an extravagant gift, but it shows I love him because I put the time and effort into making this for him.