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Cross-Stitching for Mobile Devices

Like most people these days I have Facebook and I follow pages that are about things I am interested in. I follow a few pages about cross-stitching and a few days ago I saw a post about cross-stitching on smartphones. It sounded like a great idea for me because I would finally be able to cross-stitch anywhere I went without bringing all my stuff.

Cat Ctoss-StitchI decided I would give it a try and download an app called Cross-Stitch World. The first cross-stitch I did on my smartphone was a kitten and I spent 2 hours working on it before I finished it. I think this is a good place for a beginner to learn the process of how a cross-stitch is done. On the other hand, though I do not think that it is useful for people to learn how to cross stitch. The app does not help you learn how to do the different stitches or the other numerous techniques associated with cross-stitching. I enjoyed the time I spent cross-stitching on this app, but I do not think it is beneficial when learning to cross-stitch.


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Weekend Project

This is Saturday I decided to start a new cross stitch. Before I went to the store and bought a new one I decided to look through the extra patterns my mom had. I picked one and started to work on it immediately. When my mom had the extra time she stopped by Goldie Locksmy room to find out which pattern I chose to do. Turns out I picked the pattern her pen pal from high school, Loland, sent her a long time ago. My mom is still in contact with  Loland today. Loland is from Finland and when I complete this project I plan to write to her showing how great it looks. After working on this pattern for just a couple hours I have made quite a bit of progress.