Small Projects

These two projects I did mean the world to me. I made both of these for my boyfriend about a year ago. I made him the fox cross-stitch because he loves foxes so much and he wants to have one as a pet one day, I fully support this. I think foxes are amazing


animals and I would love to own one. I made the bottom one for him just to express to him how much I love him. It’s very simple and not an extravagant gift, but it shows I love him because I put the time and effort into making this for him.

Weekend Project

This is Saturday I decided to start a new cross stitch. Before I went to the store and bought a new one I decided to look through the extra patterns my mom had. I picked one and started to work on it immediately. When my mom had the extra time she stopped by Goldie Locksmy room to find out which pattern I chose to do. Turns out I picked the pattern her pen pal from high school, Loland, sent her a long time ago. My mom is still in contact with  Loland today. Loland is from Finland and when I complete this project I plan to write to her showing how great it looks. After working on this pattern for just a couple hours I have made quite a bit of progress.

Stitching For All Levels

When I talk to people about cross-stitching one of the first things I usually hear is that they think it will be hard to learn. This is not true if you start out doing small projects. Cat Cross StitchCompanies make cross-stitches for all different experience levels. Some of the smallest cross-stitches can be finished within a couple of hours. Also, along with every cross-stitch comes a pattern, which will tell you what box needs to be what color. The instructions will also tell you what skills you will need for this cross-stitch such as a french knot. One of my first cross-stitches I ever made was for my sister about her cat. It took me about 6 hours to make this cross-stitch. Cross-stitches can vary in difficulty but are very relaxing once the necessary skills have been developed


As years pass practices that were common at one time slowly fade away. Practices like sewing, cross-stitching, needlepoint, and knitting are prime examples of this. At one time every woman knew how to do these things, but over time it has become a lost art. I am proud to say that I still know how to do a few of these things with my favorite being cross-stitching. I’m here to show you some of work and why I think it’s important.