Encouraging Cross-Stitches

Cross-Stitches can bring me joy by feeling a sense of accomplishment after completing them, but also they encourage me to be happy. This particular cross-stitch my oldest sister, Emily, made while she was away at college. It says “A merry heart does good like a medicine”. This statement hits close to home for me because I get down a lot because of stress from school and many other things. This tells me that I can be happy if I want to. Being happy is a choice I can make.


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Joyful Homes

Cross-stitching makes me very happy because it is a great way to relieve stress and relax. My family and I love to display our pieces in our home. This is a piece my oldest sister, Emily, recently did and it hangs in our laundry room. I do not like to fold clothes so whenever I go into the laundry room to fold clothes I always look at this cross-stitch. It

Laundry Room

serves two purposes. It firstly makes me happy to think that it is something so personal that my sister made. I think it’s fascinating that we can make pieces like this. Cross-stitches are very time consuming, but are worth it when they are completed. This cross-stitch also encourages me to fold the clothes because I don’t want to be “Naked Tomorrow”.


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A Touch of Joy

img_3753.jpgToday I went to visit my grandmother for the first time since my grandfather died. I know she has been struggling with being in her home without him after being together for so many years. I was trying to think of a way I could cheer her up. I decided I would make her a useful gift that would allow her to think of me and maybe take her mind off my grandfather. I made her this dish cloth with the letter “R” on it for our last name. She always has a dish cloth hanging on her stove and whenever she picks this one up she will think of me and the great times we have spent together. Hopefully she will also think about how much I love her.

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Owning Your Work

Everything we read, listen to, and watch has an author or creator and cross-stitches are the same way. The person who makes the cross-stitch has the right to own his/her work. Most people who cross-stitch put their initials at the bottom to show who created that piece. I personally put my initials at the bottom of all the pieces I do to claim ownership of them. I also like to think that the pieces I do will someday be passed on to my family and they can remember who did that cross-stitch by the initials on it.



What is Cross-Stitching?

Whenever I am cross-stitching I sometimes ask myself why I cross-stitch. I finally figured out the answer after cross-stitching for many years. This hobby of mine is a way for me to de-stress. When I am anxious or nervous about school it helps me to take some time to relax. Cross-stitching allows me to relax and get my mind off of whatever is weighing on my mind. When I sit down at my desk to cross-stitch it feels like I go to another world. Nothing matters anymore except the project. I gotcha whole heartedly on that project until it’s time to get back to real life. This hobby has saved me from quite a few mental breakdowns by allowing me to escape to another place and be happy for a bit.

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Religious Cross-Stitch

My grandmother and most of my family are very religious people. So when my mom saw this cross-stitch in the store she said she thought of my grandmother immediately. She bought the cross-stitch and decided she would make it for her and give it to her as a gift.


My mom made this cross-stitch in 1990 before I was born, and it has been hanging in my grandparents home ever senses. This cross-stitch has been hanging in the same place in my grandparents’ house for as long as I can remember.

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Cross-Stitching for Mobile Devices

Like most people these days I have Facebook and I follow pages that are about things I am interested in. I follow a few pages about cross-stitching and a few days ago I saw a post about cross-stitching on smartphones. It sounded like a great idea for me because I would finally be able to cross-stitch anywhere I went without bringing all my stuff.

Cat Ctoss-StitchI decided I would give it a try and download an app called Cross-Stitch World. The first cross-stitch I did on my smartphone was a kitten and I spent 2 hours working on it before I finished it. I think this is a good place for a beginner to learn the process of how a cross-stitch is done. On the other hand, though I do not think that it is useful for people to learn how to cross stitch. The app does not help you learn how to do the different stitches or the other numerous techniques associated with cross-stitching. I enjoyed the time I spent cross-stitching on this app, but I do not think it is beneficial when learning to cross-stitch.


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Cross-Stitching with Siblings!



Claire Richard is my older sister and she has helped me tremendously with my cross-stitches. She started to cross-stitch when she was 16. Our mom and grandmother taught Claire how to cross-stitch as well as me. Claire learned certain techniques on her own from doing so many cross-stitches over the years. Claire has done about 50 different cross-stitches since she started to cross-stitch. The cross-stitches she has completed have varied in size. At first, she started with beginner level small cross-stitches and slowly worked her way up to larger more difficult cross-stitches and I am trying to do the same.

When I have questions I can always go to her and she will show me exactly how to do whatever it is I needed. I remember one time especially that Claire taught me how to make a French knot. I had never heard of this, but as soon as I went to her and asked if she knew what it was she said, “Oh yea, sit down and I’ll show you”.

Claire and I have both spent many years trying to master the skills necessary to become proficient at cross-stitching. Oddly enough cross-stitching actually started out as an activity that mostly men performed after practicing for many years to master the skill. Claire cross-stitches for fun in her spare time as a form of relaxation. Cross-stitching originally was done to decorate clothing. Very few people still do this, but there some who still make baby clothing with hand-stitched designs. Claire also does is called a counted cross-stitch which means she counts the number of squares on a paper pattern and then counts the number of squares on the fabric. This has not always been the most popular way to cross-stitch, but it is one of the most popular now.

I talked to my other sister and my mom about how they would describe Claire and her hobby. My mom, Donna Richard, said, “Claire is very dedicated to her work once she starts and she is a perfectionist”. My oldest sister, Emily Alpha, said “ Claire is a very stressed and anxious person. When she comes home from work after a long day I can really tell that she needs some time to herself and do what she likes. After she has been doing her cross-stitch in her room for a while she comes out much happier like it took the weight of the day off her shoulders”.






IMG_0253When I first started cross stitch a couple years ago I jumped in head first. I didnt start with a huge project but it was a rather large project for my experience level. I made this cross stitch for my sister who loves to shop. Claire does not like to go to work. She would rather online shop or go to the mall. When I saw this cross stitch pattern in the store I knew I just had to get it and make it for her. I gave it to her as a present for her birthday and now it sits on her desk at work to remind her she can go shop when she gets home.

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When I go to my grandparent’s house I look forward to hearing and seeing a couple things. First I looked forward to hearing my grandpa’s say “hello hello” from the front porch. The next thing I expect to see when I walk in the door is a cross stitch hanging above the hall that says “home sweet home”. My grandma made this cross stitch in 1988. For as long as I can remember coming to her house I remember seeing it hanging in the exact same spot. I remember getting such hot and comfort from this cross stitch when I was young and I slept at my grandparent’s house. As a child, I was sleeping in a place that was not my usual place so I naturally felt a little scared. When I would get scared I would go and look at this cross stitch and I would realize I was okay. IMG_3608